Free Keyword Ideas For a Travel Blog

Coming up with keywords for a travel blog, especially at the beginning sounds like a daunting task. This is why I decided to give you some ideas and I’m sure that if you expand on each one of them you might get hundreds of ideas.

As I have explained before in my post about SEO for bloggers there are several kinds of keywords and the main two are short-tail and long-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords are usually more general, shorter, and in higher search volume while long-tail keywords are longer, more niched, and with lower search volume but on the other hand easier to rank for.

This makes long-tail keywords preferable for beginner bloggers.

But don’t take this keyword list as it is. It is intended to give you ideas and expand your mind on the possibility of different keywords for a travel blog. Some of them might have huge traffic potential and some of them not. It is up to you to do your due diligence afterward and write your posts well.

So let’s explore some free keywords ideas for a travel blog:

Short-tail travel keywords

  1. Travel destinations
  2. Adventure travel
  3. Solo travel
  4. Budget travel
  5. Luxury travel
  6. Family vacations
  7. Backpacking
  8. Beach holidays
  9. City breaks
  10. Cultural experiences
  11. Road trips
  12. Hiking and trekking
  13. Wildlife safaris
  14. Food and travel
  15. Travel tips and tricks
  16. Travel photography
  17. Travel inspiration
  18. Travel Itineraries
  19. Travel hacks
  20. Travel deals and discounts
  21. Travel planning
  22. Sustainable travel
  23. Adventure sports
  24. Hidden gems
  25. Travel gear and essentials
  26. Cultural immersion
  27. Luxury resorts
  28. Family-friendly destinations
  29. Outdoor activities
  30. Travel safety tips
  31. Local cuisine
  32. Travel Insurance
  33. Historical landmarks
  34. Island hopping
  35. Volunteer travel
  36. Travel solo female
  37. Romantic getaways
  38. Ecotourism
  39. Train travel
  40. Travel blogging

If you take these 40 travel keywords and break down every single one of them into several other keywords you find yourself with hundreds of ideas.

It is a very powerful method of keywords brainstorming and I advise you to start with that before starting your blog. Having your main keyword sorted will help you categorize your content and get a better idea of what your blog will be about.

Now let’s take the adventure travel keyword and see how we can expand on it with a new list:

  1. Zip-lining
  2. Bungee jumping
  3. Skydiving
  4. Paragliding
  5. Surfing
  6. Scuba diving
  7. Wildlife encounters
  8. Safari adventures
  9. Off-roading
  10. Snowboarding and skiing
  11. Cave exploration

Imagine having a blog about adventure travel. These are basically 11 categories that you can fill in with content.

If we take Skydiving for example and expand on it by creating blog post titles we might get ideas like:

“Best skydiving locations for beginners”

“Skydiving basics”

“Best-rated skydiving schools in Texas”

“How to become a skydiving instructor”

“Best skydiving places in Europe”

And the list can go on and on.

Long-tail travel keywords

Long-tail travel keywords on the other hand would be a bit harder to expand on because they are already specific enough.

Here’s a list of some travel keywords that are more specific:

  1. “Best budget travel destinations in Europe”
  2. “Tips for solo female travelers in Southeast Asia”
  3. “Luxury beach resorts in the Maldives”
  4. “Family-friendly activities in Orlando theme parks”
  5. “Adventure sports in New Zealand: Bungee jumping, hiking, and more”
  6. “Exploring local cuisine in Italy: Pasta, pizza, and gelato”
  7. “Sustainable travel tips: Eco-friendly practices for responsible tourism”
  8. “Road trip itinerary for the scenic Pacific Coast Highway”
  9. “Off-the-beaten-path destinations in South America”
  10. “Capturing stunning travel photos: Photography tips for beginners”
  11. “Travel hacks for finding cheap flight deals”
  12. “Exploring ancient ruins: Historical landmarks in Greece”
  13. “The ultimate guide to wildlife safaris in Africa”
  14. “Backpacking essentials: Must-have gear for backpackers”
  15. “Cultural immersion experiences in Japan: Tea ceremonies, kimono dressing, and more”
  16. “Tips for staying safe while traveling alone”
  17. “Exploring local markets and street food: A gastronomic journey”
  18. “Luxury train travel: Experiencing the Orient Express”
  19. “Volunteer travel opportunities: Make a difference while exploring the world”
  20. “Top romantic getaways for couples: Dreamy destinations and activities”
  21. “Tips for traveling with kids: Making family vacations fun and stress-free”
  22. “Exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat: A guide to Cambodia’s cultural wonders”
  23. “Off-season travel: Discovering the beauty of destinations during the quiet months”
  24. “Exploring the Great Barrier Reef: Snorkeling, diving, and marine adventures”
  25. “Tips for traveling on a shoestring budget: How to save money while exploring the world”
  26. “Unforgettable road trips in the USA: Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway, and more”
  27. “Eco-friendly accommodations: Staying at sustainable hotels and eco-lodges”
  28. “Adventures in the Amazon rainforest: Wildlife encounters and jungle trekking”
  29. “Traveling with pets: Pet-friendly destinations and accommodations”
  30. “Hidden gems of Europe: Off-the-beaten-path towns and lesser-known attractions”
  31. “Wellness retreats: Relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care through travel”
  32. “Culinary tours: Indulge in local flavors and culinary traditions around the world”
  33. “Tips for overcoming travel anxiety: Coping strategies for nervous travelers”
  34. “Exploring the Seven Wonders of the World: Must-visit landmarks and their history”
  35. “Sustainable hiking and camping: Leave no trace and preserve nature’s beauty”
  36. “Island hopping in Greece: Exploring the beauty of the Greek islands”
  37. “Adventure travel for adrenaline junkies: Skydiving, whitewater rafting, and more”
  38. “Exploring ancient civilizations: Mayan ruins, Egyptian pyramids, and beyond”
  39. “Wellness travel experiences: Yoga retreats, spa getaways, and mindfulness trips”
  40. “Tips for traveling with limited mobility: Accessible destinations and accommodations”

But if we take the first option we can still expand on it. Europe is not the only continent on earth and we can substitute it with any other. We can get country-specific and just from that again we get a bunch of article ideas to write on.

All you need is to brainstorm 20-30 keywords and expand on them. You don’t really need any tools for that.

What I consider best for that method is that you can really look at these topics from the human perspective. What interests you is very likely to interest other people.

Whatever questions you might have especially as a novice traveler, a lot of other people might have.

Your mind is probably the best keyword generator but it requires some brainstorming. Yes, it’s much easier to use an AI tool for that but whatever you can think of is much more organic than what a machine can.

I hope you found these travel keyword ideas helpful and I have given you a lot of new things to write about.

As a bonus, I will leave you with a topical map for a travel blog:

  1. Destinations:
    • Mountain adventures
    • Coastal escapes
    • Jungle exploration
    • Desert expeditions
    • Arctic and Antarctic adventures
  2. Activities:
    • Hiking and trekking
    • Rock climbing
    • Water sports (surfing, kayaking, diving)
    • Wildlife safaris
    • Skydiving and paragliding
    • Snowboarding and skiing
    • Biking and cycling
    • Caving and spelunking
  3. Travel Tips:
    • Packing essentials for adventure travel
    • Safety guidelines for outdoor activities
    • Planning itineraries for adventure trips
    • Budgeting for adventure travel
    • Eco-friendly and sustainable travel practices
    • Finding adventure travel operators and guides
  4. Equipment and Gear:
    • Gear reviews and recommendations
    • Must-have gear for specific activities
    • How to choose the right equipment for adventure travel
    • Gear maintenance and care tips
  5. Inspiring Stories and Interviews:
    • Real-life adventure travel experiences
    • Interviews with adventurers and explorers
    • Overcoming Challenges and Fears in adventure travel
  6. Adventure Travel Tips for Specific Audiences:
    • Family adventure travel
    • Solo female adventure travel
    • Adventure travel for seniors
    • Adventure travel on a budget
  7. Destination Spotlights:
    • Highlighting specific adventure travel destinations
    • Featuring unique activities and attractions in each location
  8. Food and Culture:
    • Exploring local cuisine during adventure travel
    • Immersing in local cultures and traditions

If you use it as an inspiration you will have your content planned out for at least your first year of travel blogging.

Happy blogging!

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